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Jiangxi Province is rich in tourism resources, which, with different kinds and high qualities, scatter here and there. There are 400 scenic areas and spots opening to the public. The scenic areas include mountains, rivers, and historical sites, forming the main features of Red Culture, Green Scenery and Ancient characters. The resources of the Eco-system tourism and the historical deposites are very rich: Mountain Lu is the world culture landscape,Jingdezhen is the world-famous center of porcelain; the Poyang lake is the world-level wet land; There are 11 state-lavel scenic areas: Lu mountain, Jinggang Mountain, Sanqing mountain,Lounghu mountain, Fairy lake, Sanbai mountain, Meiling-Tengwang Pavilion, Gui peak, Kaolin-Yaoli, Wugong mountain, Yunju mountain-Zhelin lake; There are 16 4-A lavel scenic areas; and three famous national historical and cultural cities(Jingdezhen,Nanchang,Ganzhou); Six State-level excellent tourism cities ( Nanchang,Jiujiang,Jianggangshan,Ganzhou,Yintan,Jingdezhen ): 26 state-level preservations of cultural relics; 34 national forest parks; 5 state-level natural preservations, and 5 state-level important temples. Nanchang, Jinggangshan, Pingxiang, and Ruijin are the originating places of China's red tourism. To sum up Jiangxi's tourism resources, We may say"the unique mountains and rivers, the red cradle, the art of porcelain, and the culture of Taoism".

Introduction of Harbin


Harbin is located in the northeast of China and in the south of Heilongjiang Province, Which is the capital of Heilongjiang Province and the core of politics, economics, culture, science, tech and transportation in the northeast of China. Its  population is in excess of 10 million, 4 million is in the city center among the tota population.  Songhua river winds through the central part of the city, the southeast of which adheres to the branch-uplands of Zhangguangcai mountain, the north of which is Xiaoxing'an mountain, in which the altitude not high, the rivers are crossing vertically and horizontally.  It is very cold in winter, due to the cold weater, The Ice Statue Carving becomes its characterastics,All kinds of Ice Statues are made here in winter, attracting a lot of tourists come from all over the world.
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