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JINHUA, once called Wuzhou in the ancient time, is an important transportation hub and a key city in the middle region of Zhejiang province. It is the connection area between the inland and the coastal economically developed areas of Shanghai Economic Development Zone. The city is rich in natural products and beautiful scenic areas, populated with large number of talented people. It is a place with obvious superior geological position and good environment for investment.The total area of Jinhua city is 10918 square meters, mainly hilly lands and basin topography, among which 167,000 hectares is arable land, 660000 hectares is forested, the coverage is 57.6%. It has four county-level municipalities such as Lanxi, Dongyang, Yiwu, Yongkang and four counties such as Pujiang, Wuyi, Jinhua, Panan and Wucheng District. It has a total population of 4.38 million people, with 36 minority nationalities.

  Since the reform and opening-up, the social economy of the Jinhua city has developed at a rapid speed. The GDP value reached 34000 million RMB by the end of "the Eighth Five Year Plan" period. During the "the Eighth Five Year Plan" period, the GDP value has increased 21% annually, the industrial growth value has increased at the average of 33.1% annually, and the total revenue of the rural economy has increased at the average of 57.4% annually. In 1997, the city has achieved GDP value of 46200 million RMB which is a 9.2% increase over the previous year. The long-term development goal is that the main development quotas economically and socially are to catch up and surpass the provincial average development level, to realize the elementary modernization, to build Jinhua into the key city in the middle-west of the Zhejiang province.

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