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 Gan'nan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located in Gansu Province. It was one of ten Autonomous Prefectures of Tibetan Nationality in China. The Autonomous Prefecture has a long history and an unique  culture.

In the Autonomous Prefecture, there is the well-known Temple of Lableng, which is a symbol of Gelu Denomination among Tibetan Buddhism. For other cultural and historical relics, there are the Octagonal Town and Taozhou castle and its guard wall, both of which were from Ming Dynasty. There are also very famous relics concerning modern Chinese history, especially the history of early China Communist Party and the well-known Long March.


           Langmusi locates in  Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu province. A small stream flows through the town, although brook less than 2 meters wide, there is a very impressive name of “Bailongjiang” in Chinese, if by Tibetan  meaning “White Water River.” North Shore streams are Langmusi , South Bank belongs to the Sichuan Ruoergai County. When the Chinese people are flocking Jiuzhaigou, when a group of foreigners discovered this paradise. Thus,the junction of Sichuan and Gansu provinces where Langmusi at, quickly became popular in foreign travelers.See here of foreign tourists than Chinese tourists more much ,here everyone will tell you “SAY HELLO”.This town, the early years was a village, with the arrival of more and more travelers and into a boom town.Travelers who have been to lijiang, yangshuo is not strange, but have been to LangMusi can  win others admiring glances.Therefore, the charming scenery of LangMusi  is  worth playing for everyone.

           Langmusi,there is the three nationalities live together which the Tibetan, Hui and Han  . Tibetan Buddhism and Islam is not only rich in color, and difficult terrain, beautiful scenery. Tibetan Buddhism and Islam atmosphere very rich.Also has the difficult terrain, beautiful scenery. When you ride a tractor in the desolate western mountain road, and suddenly, the entrance of a huge conglomerate of red rock, majestic tall and straight, rather the United States Grand Canyon of the Colorado landscape style, the local people call it “Offerings Mountain” . At this point, you should be excited, and then lamented that so beautiful!Bailong river  just left the mountain crystal clear water, comes from west to east, the Langmusi town is divided into two ,and  turn a bend in the town center to the east, the south is Gansu Province, there are  SeZhi Temple,  Buddha Sun sets, White Tower, The Celestial Burial sets, etc. the north side is in Sichuan,there are GeErDi Temple, Bailong river’s source, Namo Gorge, etc

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