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Situated in the center of the Yunnan & Guizhou Plateau and surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Jinzhong, Feihong and Shizi, Anshun, capital of Anshun Prefecture with a population of about a quarter of a million, has been a tourist mecca for decades and enjoys a warm climate similar to that of Guiyang.

  Anshun Prefecture covers an area of 14,891 sq km with a population of 3.5 million and Anshun City is the centre of cultural, economic and political. Anshun is an old established trading center which going back to the 13th century and linking North and South China with areas as remote as Burma, via Kunming. So it is described as "the entrance to Dian (Yunnan) and the central part of Qian (Guizhou)". In history, tea was exported through Anshun, but merchants gained a bad reputation for substituting willow leaves, hence the notorious expression "Anshun jiachaye (forged tea)" became a household phrase in China. Later, opium was another sinful trade for Anshun. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Guizhou was one of the largest growers of the opium poppy. The British "gift of opium" brought disaster to this mountainous province until after the liberation (1950) of Guizhou.   most of Anshun is hilly with karst topography. it has a subtropical monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 14ºc, and 270 frost-free days. Annual rainfall averages 1,356 millimeters.   The mineral deposits of Anshun include phosphorus, iron, coal, uranium, lead, zinc, and limestone. Anshun's major industries are machinery, food processing, mining, metal making, power, and textile. the Kaiyang phosphorus mine is the largest phosphorus mine in china. the output of abrasive produced in Qingzhen is remarkable. the chief farm products include rice, tobacco, oil-tea camellia, tea, and chinese yams. rail and road transportation facilities in Anshun are good. the Chuanqian and Guikun railway lines pass here.   Anshun had been a traditional handicraft city and trading center for long time. After 1950, Anshun developed gradually and set up a number of modern enterprises. Its beautiful scenic spots have become famous. There are many interesting places in Anshun, such as the Donglingsi Temple in the city and the Miao nationality village Loujiazhuang out of the city.  

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