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Beihai city is located in the south of Guangxi, China. Facing Hainan province across the sea in the south, close to Vietnam in the west, it has very unique location. It is 206km away from Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi, 198 km away from Zhanjiang city of Guangdong province and 218km away from Mong Cai, boarder city of Vietnam. by sea, it is 124 sea miles away from Haikou of Hainan province, 157 sea miles away from Haiphong, 425 sea miles away from Hong Kong and 1,295 sea miles away from Singapore. Beihai city is one of the first coastal opening up cities in China, is one of the ports in mainland China which closest to southeast Asia and the area to the west of the Strait of Malacca and also one of the most convenient gateways towards sea for southwestern China.

  Beihai city is designed as a modern city of high standard, developed and constructed at a high level. It covers an area of over 30square kilometers and has good infrastructure, living and service facilities. Beihai enjoys very convenient traffic. A modern three-dimensional traffic network is composed of expressways, railways, airport and seaports.   Located by Beibu Gulf, Beihai has plentiful sunshine and enjoys warm temperature. Along the coast of the mainland, the islands have lots of excellent beaches, which are marvelous places for people to have a rest and enjoy their holidays. The residents in Beihai are honest and friendly, the local pearl hometown culture, the Hakkas' culture, and the Boat dwellers Culture together form the city's sharply features.   Beihai abounds in pearls. The pearls that were made in Guangdong and Guangxi were called "South Pearls" in the ancient times. And at that time, people always said that "East Pearls" (made in Japan) were better than "West Pearls" (made in Italy), and "South Pearls" (made in Beihai) were better than "East Pearls". The pearls that were made in Hepu and Beihai were called Lian Pearl. And this kind of pearls was the best ones of "South Pearls". Also, Beihai is the most important fishing base in Guangxi. The sea cucumber, shark's fin, clams and some other seafood of Beihai are famous both in China and abroad. In industry, there is machine, shipbuilding, glass, aquatic products processing and chemical industry of seas. In the nearby sea, there is petroleum resource.

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