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Chengdu tourist site is the core of Sichuan tourist zone. It is not only in the center of Sichuan, but the political, economical and cultural center of Sichuan province, there are a great deal of humanistic sights and the natural sceneries also take a unique style. Over 1000 years ago in the Tang Dynasty, the rhesis “Standing before the window, the west mountain is covered by deep snow exist over thousands of years, a sudden cold is felt; In front of the door, boats that have traveled for tens of thousands of miles throughout East Wu are parking was written by poet. "Land of Abundance"– Chengdu, the biggest Campagna in the Southwest of China, holds 6 urban areas, 4 suburb areas, 6 countries, add up to 12.6 thousand square kilometers, with a population of 10 million. As one of the famous city of historical culture in China, Chengdu in possession of abundant tourist resources. More than 1500 years ago, the poet Zuo Si of the Jin Dynasty once praised it with "spectacular and beautiful". Not only the "Poet God" Li Bai but also the "Sage in Poetry" Du Fu had profoundly eulogized this city which takes its own graceful bearing. Indeed, Chengdu is a city of peaceful and prosperous with deep cultural deposition and beautiful natural environment.


General information of Chengdu

District number: 028

Post code: 610000

Position: Si Chuan Basin, the east of Cheng Du Campagna, the average altitude is about 500 meters.

Area: 12.6 thousand square kilometersa

Population: over 10 million
City flower:Hibiscus
City tree:Gingko
City spirit:Harmony & tolerance, wisdom & integrity, pragmatism & innovation

District: 6 urban areas: Gao Xin, Wu Hou, Jin Jiang, Qing Yang, Cheng Hua, Jin Niu; 4 suburb areas: Qing Bai Jiang, Long Quan Yi, Xin Du, Wen Jiang; 6 countries: Shuang Liu, Jin Tang, Xin Jin, Da Yi, Pu Jiang, Pi Xian; 4 cities of country rank: Du Jiang Yan, Peng Zhou, Chong Zhou, Qiong Lai.




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