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6 Days Classic Jiangxi tours
Beijing/Nanchang/Jinggang mountian/Lu mountain Tour Code: EJT-007
Tour Duration: 6 days
Destinations:  Beijing/Nanchang/Jinggang mountian/Lu mountain
Price from: $0
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Day 1 Beijing/ Nanchang / Jinggang Mountain (-/L/D) 

Take a morning flight to Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi province, Our tour guide and driver will pick you up at Nanchang Changbei international airport, Then drive to Jinggang mountain  (Jinggang shan ,4.5hours)

The mountain is not only a natural beauty spot, but also the cradle of the Chinese Revolution. The lofty and majestic Jinggang Mountains, covering 670 square km, tower in the central part of Mount Luoxiao and stretch over the border of Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. It is ranged among "China Forty Best Tourist Attractions" and the cradle of the Chinese revolution. Guo Moruo marveled in his lines when touring the mountains, "After visiting Jinggangshan, no mountain will be an attraction”.                                                  

       Night at Jianggang mountain

Day 2 Jinggang Mountain (B/L/D)

In the morning, you will be transferred to scenic area of Jinggang mountain, And then you will visit the Jinggang Mountain Revolutionary Museum and the Former Revolutionary Headquarters, the five dragon pool waterfall, the former residences of chairman Mao and the general Zhu De

   Night at Jianggang mountain

Day 3 Jinggang Mountain / Nanchang (B/L/D)

After breakfast, you will drive to visit the Mausoleum of Martyrs and Huangyang Jie peak. Then drive to Nanchang ( About 4.5 hours), the capital city of Jiangxi Province,you will visit the August 1st memorial square and the August 1st memorial hall of Nanchang Uprising. The memorial hall was built on the site of the Nanchang Uprising Headquarters, a gray five-story building blending both Western and Chinese architectural styles. The headquarters of the New Fourth Army and the residences of Zhou Enlai and Zhu De during the Nanchang Uprising are also in Nanchang. This building used to be a local hotel, but as they used it as the headquarters of the revolutionary army at the time of uprising in arms in 1927, it has been kept as a memorial hall to the revolution with a lot of objects of historical and cultural importance on display.

      Night in Nanchang City

Day 4 Nanchang / Lu mountain (B/L/D)

In the morning, you will visit Tengwang Pavilion, rising 57 meters high above the bank of the Gan River, the Tower was first built in 659AD by the prefectural governor of Hongzhou (former name of Nanchang) Li Yuanying, or Tengwang. Poems written by Tang dynasty (618-907AD) poet Wang Bo have made the tower famous. The tower was rebuilt and repaired 29 times and in 1989 it was renovated in the Song style. This granite structure is 9 stories high and houses numerous gift shops, a tea house, exhibition halls and a natural history museum.

After that, drive to the famous Lu Mountain (lushan), which has been designated a natural and cultural heritage site by UNESCO. In the afternoon, visit Meilu Villa, which was the former residence of Song Meiling,wife of Chiang Kai-shek . The villa was built in 1931 as a weekend retreat for Chiang Kai-shek and his wife .It features mixed Chinese and Western architecture. The area is designed in the shape of a necklace, with the house sitting as the central pendant.

    Night on Lu Mountain

Day 5 Lu mountain (B/L/D)

Free hiking on Lu Mountain .This Mountain is located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, to the south of the Yangtze River and northwest of Poyang Lake. The picturesque Mountain is well known in China. The scenic area, covering 302 square km, houses 16 natural wonders, 474 scenic spots and 171 peaks. The scenery in the Lushan scenic area is breathtaking. It is full of sheer peaks and precipices, changeable clouds and fogs, silver springs and flying waterfalls. The flora is diverse and comprises about 3,000 species. Features of glaciation during the Quaternary Period make Mt. Lushan even more mysterious. There are millions of migratory birds in the Poyang Lake area. The dancing of the largest number of cranes over the water makes it a world wonder.

Lushan abounds in historic and cultural relics. The great historian of the Han Dynasty, Sima Qian, climbed Mt. Lushan, and wrote about it in his classic The Historical Records. White Deer Cave Academy (Bailudongshuyuan) was the most famous of the four biggest academies in ancient China, and enjoys high prestige in the Chinese history of education.

Donglin Temple (East Grove Temple), built by eminent monks in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, was the birthplace of the Pure Earth (Jintu) sect of Buddhism. More than 1,500 noted figures in history visited this Mountain, leaving behind some 4,000 pieces of verse and over 900 inscriptions on the cliffs, as well as other writings, prints and calligraphic works. There are about 600 more villas with the styles of 18 nations and cultures.on the top of the mountain,

    Night on Lu Mountain

Day 6 Lu mountain / Nanchang / Departure

In the morning, you will drive backe to Nanchang airport (2.5 hours) and take the plane back to Beijing, service end.




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