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3 Days Hiking Tour in Lushan from Xi'an


 Huajing (The Flower Path Park) , Jingxiugu(Brocade valley), Guling , Luashan Mountain Museum  , Hanpokou( Han Po Valley), Great Hanyang peak , Poyang Lake , Botanical garden, Jiujiang city 

Tour Code: EJT-002
Tour Duration: 3 days
Destinations:  Shanghai-Lushan-Jiujiang
Price from: $
Hotel Informotion
West Lake Hotel:The Lushan Xihu Hotel (West Lake Hotel) is located by Ruqin Lake , Which is a 4 star hotel on the top of Mountain Lushan,surrounded with many top attractions of  Lushan.

Day 01Arrive in Jiujiang AirportOur tour guide and driver will pick you up there and drive to Mt. Lu.                             

Day 02,  In the moring, Go to Huajing (The Flower Path Park) to take a walk, then go to Jingxiugu(Brocade valley), Where you are going to see the most fantactic nature senary in the Walley, It will take about one and a half hours, Then You will be transferred to Mei Lu villa, Known as the most beautiful villa on the mountain,, Which once was the villa of Chang Kai-Shek and his wife Madam Song.

        In the afternoon, You are going to visit Guling, Which is a busy town street on the mountain, and aslo the political ,economy, cuture centre of the mountain,Where you can see a hundreds of hotel architectures in different styles and different colors at your opposite side, Also, you can travel around the Guling street to see the local souvenirs and specialties. After that, you will go to Luashan Mountain Museum to know more about the deep culture of the mountain.

Day 03,  In the morning, Go to Hanpokou( Han Po Valley) to see the spectacular View of the Mountain, Where you can see the highest Great Hanyang peak and the biggest freshwater lake Poyang Lake from a far distance, Then Walk Through the Wangpo Pavilian down to the Botanical garden, Which is Know as the earlist high-mountain botanical garden in China, Where you can see some beautiful high-mountain flowers and plants, after that, you will drive down from the mountain to Jiujiang city to have lunch.After lunch you will leave from the city.

Rates: USD/person