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2 Days Classic Jingdezhen Weekend Tour
 2 days Jingdezhen tour(Weekend Tour from Shanghai/Beijing) Tour Code: EJT-001
Tour Duration: 2 days
Destinations:  Shanghai-Jingdezhen-Shanghai
Price from: $0
Hotel Informotion

“Craftsman come from all directions, chinaware go to everywhere in the world.” This is an epitome of prosperity period of ancient Jing Dezhen---a porcelain town with a history of a thousand years. Kaimenzi Grand Hotel is located at the historic city with ancient ceramics culture.

 In 2003, Kaimenzi Group was founded with huge investment according to the Star-level hotel standard and was decorated in a commercial style. Domestic commercial conferences and international major events have been successfully held in the hotel. The hotel was approved to be the four-star level commercial hotel in May. 2005 and it is now the top-grade hotel in the city. Located in the important traffic intersection and adjoining “Guyao”-- the famous national “AAAA” level scenic spot, the 91.8m-tall, 21-storeyed hotel is one of the symbolic buildings of Jingdezhen.

 This hotel adopts the international-standard ideas and mode of management, providing complete comprehensive facilities and self-improved humanity services.

 Multifunctional Hall with a capacity of over 200 people and Conference Hall over 150 people; Chinese and Western restaurants enable the guests to enjoy both the best part of Chinese cuisine culture and western romantic cuisine culture. Different recreational facilities, such as KTV Rooms of varied styles will help the guests to relieve the fatigue after busy commercial activities and enjoy in the porcelain town---the endless pleasure of recreation and travel in Jingdezhen.

 In the spirit of “unity and respect the post, in pursuit of fact and creativity, self-improvement, striving for the best”, based on the rules of “congeniality and good manners, safety and considerate service, cleanness and comfort, warmth and convenience”, Kaimenzi Grand Hotel always follows the principle of honesty, positively endeavoring to build its own brand.


Day 1
     In the morning, you Arrived in Jingdezhen airport, Our Driver and Tour guide will pick you up at the Airport, Then drive to visit  Pottery WorkshopJingdezhen PWS Experimental Factory is a newly created ceramics design studio and residential artists studio. It is situated on the site of an old National Porcelain Company, Sculpture Factory in Jingdezhen China. This Experimental Factory is surrounded by hundreds of small and independent craftsmen and artists with every kind of ceramic skill, clay producers, throwers, sculptors, mould makers, blue and white decorators, overglaze decorators, glaze and color shops, kiln firing workshops, brush makers, black smiths, box makers and shippers. Objects made here are from fingernail size to twelve feet high, all in porcelain. They are right in the middle of a hive of activity. If you come to the city on Saturday, They have a Saturday moring Ceramic Sale and Exibition Market, The products on Exibition and Sale mostly are made by the students from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Which is very creative and fun.

In the afternoon,You will go and see Jia Yang Ceramics Factory, Which is a professional Ceramics manufacturer, the Factory Produces a wide variety of Ceramics. Products Including: Imitation ancient porcelain, Household porcelain ,art ceramics, tiles . the factory  has  mature production technology of Ceramics, the products Are widely used in Family, bars, hotels, restaurants, etc.   Visit The Antique street. This street houses dozens of shops selling fake antiques that reproduce virtually every dynasty in Chinese history.

Day 2
      In the moring,visit Ancient Kiln Porcelain Factory, you can find ancient porcelain-making workshops, the JingDeZhen’s kilns, Temple of the kiln god, porcelain shops as well as porcelain factories. They showed people the special porcelain customs of JingDeZhen in Ming and Qing dynasties, the architectural distribution of ancient porcelain making workshop, and the craft process of porcelain hand-making in JingdeZhen along with some exquisite traditional famous porcelain and modern products which reflected their exalted status and testified to virtuosos’ prominence.

Ceramic Folk Customs Museum is a garden-style museum with twelve ancient buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties in center. In the museum, there are ceramic folk customs exhibitions, Groups of ancient kiln, the Empress Temple, Temple of the Founder, the porcelain stele gallery, and also a performance theater where one can enjoy melody of the porcelain music instruments.

Walking in the exhibition spot, people will feel as if being cut off from the outside world for ages. The ancient civilization and the modern civilization are in perfect harmony which gets people to realize the broad and profound ceramic culture in the China earth.

Visit Ceramic  Art Studio for you own DIY

Ceramic Art DIY Studio is basically a place offering students,pottery fans,and tourists a hand-on experence of ceramic creation. with its 3600 sqare meters and 3-stories space,there are wheel throwing, pour molding, blue and white, paiting, sculpturing,soft-clay pottery,engraving, press molding, glazing, decals and other ceramic art decoration DIYs available in the building,It provides a platform for exhibit and exchange of ceramic art, and tea and coffee for refreshment as well. after that, You will have a free time to walk around Jingdezhen Ceramic Market, which is the biggest in China. 

      Ather dinner, Our tour guide and driver will see you off at the Jingdezhen airport,depart for Shanghai/Beijing/Xi'an/Guangzhou.

Rates: USD/person


1. City transportation, Private car or bus
2.Scenic Spot  Entrance fees (Included DIY Fees)
3.English speaking guide
4.Hotel Fee
5.All meals (BLD)

Tips to your tour guide and driver