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Jiangxi Heritage Tour to (Rui Jin) Social Welfare Institiute(6 Days)

Ruijin Social Welfare Institute/Ruijin Orphanage:

Address: No.143, Hua Tang Road East, Xiang Hu Town, Ruijin City, JiangXi Province ,it is about 5.5 hours drive from Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Province.

Ruijin City Information :It is a county level city of  Ganzhou.It has a population of about 230,000 inhabitants.Ruijin is an important place in the contemporary history of China for being the capital of the Soviet Republic of China,In 1931, under Mao Zedong's leadership, the Chinese Soviet Republic was established here. Ruijin is now a popular destination for red tourism and ecotourism. in 1934, the famed "Long March" began here.

Ruijin Orphanage Information:The first family that adopted in the orphanage Ruijin was in 1998.Some children are living in the orphanage and some are in foster families.The orphanage is the home both for children and the elderly.Now, the orphanage has a new location with more buildings and good facilities .
Documents needed to Visit the Orphanage:

A copy of each visitor's passports
A copy of the adoption certificate
A Fee needed to apply to visit the orphanage:
2000 CNY Yuan/ Child,Which is mainly used as the reception fee for the local specific Ophanage.
Tour Code: CHT-008
Tour Duration: 6 days
Destinations:  Nanchang-Ruijin
Price from: $0
Hotel Informotion
Day 1 Arrival in Nanchang

Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi, is a gateway to visit many places in Jiangxi, take a plane or high-speed train to reach to Nanchang, our guide and driver will pick you up and transfer you to hotel in Nanchang. (Grand Gloria Hotel near the Gan river.)

Day 2 Drive to Ruijin City

It takes almost 5.5 hours drive to reach to Ruijin City, so most of the day, you will spend on the road, but the sceneries along the way is quite beautiful. Night in Ruijin Hotel.

Day 3 Visit Ruijin City SWI 

Visit the Orphanage and see the people related to your child's adoption.Haveing  lunch or dinner with the orphanage director and staffs. visit the place where your child was found and your child's former foster family (if the child had stayed in a foster family). Explore the local  area and get to know more about the local people and life.

Day 4 Vist the Culture Relics of Ruijin

Visit the Revolutionary Sites of Ruijin, they are Yeping, Shazhouba, Wushilong, and Yunshi Mountain. Yeping is about 6 kilometers to the northeast of Ruijin, where the First National People's Congress of the Soviet Republic of China was held. The Central Workers' and Peasants' Democratic Government was also there. The sites of the congress and the government were originally Xieshi Ancestral Temple. There are altogether three courtyards housing the general office and the offices of the different departments. Shazhouba is 4 kilometers to the southwest of Ruijin. From April 1933 to July 1934, The Central Workers' and Peasants' Democratic Government was moved here. There is the site of the general office, the former residence of Mao Zedong, Zhang Wentian, Xie Juezai, and De Xiaoping. There is also the site of the National Labor Union of China, Lenin Primary School, etc. Wushilong is 4 kilometers to the west of Ruijin. In 1933, the office of the Central Military Commission was moved here from Yeping. There is the site of the Central Military Commission and the former residence and offices of Zhu De, Liu Bocheng, etc, Yunshishan Mountain is 18 kilometers to the west of Ruijin. It is a small hill with an ancient temple on the top. In August 1934, the organizations as the Central Political Bureau, the Central Military Commission and the Central Workers' and Peasants' Democratic Government were moved to the temple. In October of the same year, the Red Army led by the Central Government began the Long March from here..

Day 5 Drive back to Nanchang

Drive back to Nanchang and over night in Nanchang.

Day 6 depart from Nanchang. 

Depart for your next destionation

Note: The tour can be customized, you can short your stay or extend it if you want to stay longer or visit some other parts of China, we can help to arrange the whole trip, please email us  at ''to get the quotation for the tour.
Rates: USD/person