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Jiangxi Heritage Tour to (Yichun) Social Welfare Institiute(5 Days)
Yichun Welfare Institute:
Address: Zhong Shan Xi Road,No.26, Yuan Zhou District, Yi Chun City, Jiangxi Province,about 3.5 hours drive from Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Province.
Yichun City Information :Yichun City,is located in northwest of Jiangxi province it covers an area of 18.7 thousand square kilometres and has a population of 5.5 million. Yichun is a mountainous region with 4 clear seasons a year, the name of the citymeans ‘Pleasant Spring'.Yichun has a history of 2200 years,is a city with abundant natural resouces and outstanding people,it was ranked as‘Excellent Tourism City of China'.
Yichun Orphanage Information:the original orphanage was built in 1959, and consisted of two parallel buildings. now the old orphanage had demolished and the place became part of a vocational university campus.  the new orphanage has buildings for both children and the eldly, there are special rooms for Children who needs special care.not far from the orphanage, they  have their own land to grow green vegetables for the children and eldly.there are about 20 more children in the orphanage,  most of them are disabled and need special care. 
Documents needed to Visit the Orphanage:
A copy of each visitor's passports
A copy of the adoption certificate
A Fee needed to apply to visit the orphanage:
2000 CNY Yuan/ Child,Which is mainly used as the reception fee for the local specific Ophanage.
Tour Code: CHT-004
Tour Duration: 6 days
Destinations:  Nanchang-Yichun
Price from: $0
Hotel Informotion
Day 1 Arrival in Nanchang

Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi, is a gateway to visit many places in Jiangxi, take a plane or high-speed train to reach to Nanchang, our guide and driver will pick you up and transfer you to hotel in Nanchang. (Grand Gloria Hotel near the Gan river.)

Day 2 Drive to Yichun City and Visit Yichun City SWI.

It takes 3.5 hours drive to reach to Yichun City from Nanchang, Visit the Orphanage in the afternoon, see the people related to your child's adoption.Haveing  lunch or dinner with the orphanage director and staffs. visit the place where your child was found and your child's former foster family (if the child had stayed in a foster family). Explore the local  area and get to know more about the local people and life. Night in Yichun city.

Day 3:Drive to visit the nearby Scenic Mingyue mountain
Mingyue Mountain is located 31 kilometers southwest of Yichun city, in Jiangxi Province. It is featured by the charming natural scenery, rare selenium hot springs and centuries-old Zen culture. Mingyue Mountain consists of tens of mountains such as Taiping Mountain, Yujing Mountain, Lao Mountain and Yangshan. Since the highest peak looks like a semicircle, hence the name Mingyue Mountain which means bright can either climb or take the cable to the mountaion, hiking around the mountain and see the beautiful pine trees and cloudy sea. Night at the Hotspring Hotel.

Day 4: Walk around the hotel and soak the hotspring :
Tourists can't miss enjoying the hot springs here. The temperature of the hot springs is about 68℃~72℃ all year round. There are over 20 minerals which are beneficial to people's health from the springs. After a hard trip, it will be a great relaxation to enjoy in the hot springs.
The Zen culture is also a great feature of Mingyue Mountain. As long as the West Han Dynasty, the temples had already existed here and lots of people gathered here for worshipping. Many foreign shamans from India, Japan and Korea visited here. Hundreds of Zen towers of the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties have been discovered in this area.

Day 5 Departure from nearby Changsha City or Nanchang 

The transportation to come to /or depart from Yichun is very convenient, you can either choose to come/go by plane or high-speed train, there are two airports and high-speed railway stations you can choose, One is Changsha city, the capital city of a neighboring province, which is closer to Yichun, another one is Nanchang.

Note: The tour can be customized according to your request, you can shorten your stay or extend it if you want to stay longer or visit some other parts of China, we can help to arrange the whole trip, please email us  at ''to get the quotation for the tour.
Rates: USD/person