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2 Days Wugong Mountain Tour

Wugong Mountain, National Park of China, National Geological Park, National Forest Park, is situated in the southeast of PingXiang City, JiangXi Province. The area of the scenic spot is It consists of four scenic areas: Golden Peak, Sheep and Lion Curtain, Nine-Dragon Mountain, FaYun Border. The main peak, White Crane Peak with the height of 1918.3m, is the highest peak in JiangXi province.

Wugong Mountain is marvelous, steep and charming. It is one of the three famous mountains in the southern of China from the ancient. It is as famous as LuShan and  HengShan. The 100,000 Mu meadow at a high elevation covers a large area like ripples. The ancient altars with a long history are unique for their plainness and mysteriousness. Sheep and Lion Curtain has many unique peaks and wins the repputation of "Small Mountain Huang". The Glossy alive Ganoderma is the one and only in the world. Non-Sun Valley is deep, cool and infrequent in the world. Red Rock Valley is famous for its deep valley and beautiful waterfalls. Taoism and Buddhism with long historical culture and strong folk custom of Nuo culture add new mysteriousness and humanistic sight to the WuGong Mountain which has turquoise grass, beautiful cloud, queer rocks, wonderful water.

On the basis of "depending mainly on the sightseeing, relaxation and entertainment, and secondly on popular science education, exploration, religious pligrimage", Administrative Committee of WuGong  Mountain Scenic Area, PingXiang will make WuGong Mountain become a new green ecological scenic spot, which is with characteristics of vast meadow at a high elevation, highlight of peak-forests and the geographic physiognomy, charm of hot spring relaxation, and base of Taoism and Buddhism culture in three to six years. So, WuGong Mountain will become a scenic spot which is famous in China and known in the world some day.

Admirable Grass:

The meadow covers an area of more than 100,000 Mu at the elevation of more than 1600 meters. It is green when spring and summer, gold when autumn, and white when winter. It makes you experience the sight of northen prairie in southern of China. It is the Prairie in the sky, the divine of the earth, the sihgt of northen and green family.

Grand Mountain:

WuGong Mountain with many overlapped peaks is marvellous and splendid. There are many deep gullies and dingles. And the peaks are steep and so beautiful that they are the one and only in the world..

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Tour Duration: 2 days
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Hotel Informotion

Day 1 Nanchang-Wugong Shan/Wugong mountain(4 hours)

      In the morning, drive to Wugong mountain,the mountain is located in the west part of Jiangxi,known as a fairy mountain of China,it features the fabuous lofty peaks,Unique Alpine Meadows and beautiful waterfalls,when arrived,take the cable car to go up the mountain , Hiking along the plank way to see the primitive forests, enjoy the High Mountain Meadow,to see the gorgeous natural sceneries.then come back and drive to the hotel, Night at Harward Johnson Hotspring Hotel.

Day 2 Wugong Mountain Hot Spring- Nanchang

      Go soaking the hotspring,there are 100 more radon hot spring pools in different size and shape dividid as trilling athletics pool,kid's world, celestial bath, lover's hut, dreamy jasper pools,furfing pool and eqquipped with the first all year-round outdoor overhead silde in east and middle China,indoor and ourdoor swimming pool and fitness center. you can wander and whisper in the path of woods, taste the fragrance emanated from flowers,escape far from presure and completely relax here. after lunch, drive back to Nanchang.

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