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World Heritage Sites Tour in Jiangxi
Lushan National Park
Mount Sanqingshan National Park
Mountain Longhushan and Guifeng Danxia Landform

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Tour Duration: 8 days
Destinations:  Lushan National Park,Mountain Longhushan and Guifeng Danxia Landform, Mount Sanqingshan National Park .
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Day 1:  Nanchang-Mt. Lushan( 2.5 hours)

Our tour guide and driver pick you up from your  Nanchang Railway Station/Hotel in Nanchang/Airport , Then drive to the famous Lu Mountain, which has been ranked as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1996. Then take the shuttle bus go up to the top of the mountain, leisurely walk to see The Flower Path Park (Hua jing) ,Hiking in the Brocade valley(Jing xiu gu), where you will see the most spectacular nature sceneries in the valley,including some top attractions like The Heavenly Bridge, Dangerous Peak,Immortal’s Cave, Imperial Pavilion. Then visit Mei Lu Villa, known as the most beautiful villa on the mountain,,The villa was built in 1931 as a summer retreat for Chiang Kai-shek and hiswife .It features mixed Chinese and Western architecture. The area is designedin the shape of a necklace, with the house sitting as the central pendant. Visit Pearl Sydenstricker Buck’s Villa, Pear Buck, also known by her Chinese name Sai Zhenzhu, was an American writer and novelist. As the daughter of missionaries, Buck spent most of her life before 1934 in China(During her stay, she comes Lushan in every Summer). Her novel “The Good Earth” was the best-selling fiction book in the U.S. in 1931and 1932 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932. In 1938 she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature "for her rich and truly epic descriptions of peasant life in China and for her biographical masterpieces. Visit Guling Street, Which is a busy town street on top of the mountain, and aslo the political ,economy, cultural centre of the mountain, Where you can see ahundreds of hotel and Villa architectures in different styles and colors , you can also see some interesting local souvenirs and specialties.                    
                                                                        Night on the top of the Mountain(Fairyland Hotel)

Day 2:  Mt. Lushan

In the morning, visit Han Po Valley (Han po kou) to see the spectacular View of the Mountain, Where you can see the highest peak of the mountain named “Great Hanyang” Peak(1474 Metres) and the biggest fresh water lake“Poyang Lake”( 5000 square kms) from a far distance, Then go hiking to Five Old Men Peaks(2 hours),standing on the top of the 3rd  peak, seeing the spectacular view there, you will have the feeling of seeing panoramic view of all things on earth. then visit Botanical Garden, Which is not much climing, the Garden is the first High-Mountain Botanical Garden in China, there are many kinds of exotic flowers and rare herbs in the garden, Walk around the garden and feel the beauty of Lu Mountain. After Lunch, go to Lu Mountain Museumto know more about the deep culture and the history of the mountain and its people. After, hiking to Three treasure tree scenic area to see waterfalls.                                                                                       Night on the top of the Mountain(Fairyland Hotel)

Day 3: Mt. Lu-Longhu Shan

Drive to visit White Deer Cave Academy(Bai Lu Dong Academy) is located in southern foot of Lushan , Known as one of the “four great academies”in the Song Dynasty. the great philosopher Zhuxi Had once taught there and made a series learning rules,these rules had a profound and lasting influence on the subsequent development of Confucianism .Visit Xiu Peak(Xiufeng), Xiu Peak is located in south part of Lu mountain, there is famous saying that the beauty of the mountain is in the south , and the beauty of the south is Xiu Peak. after lunch, drive to Longhu Shan(3.5 hours).

Day 4:Mt. Longhu Shan(Dragon and Tiger Mountain)

The mountain was listed as a World Nature Heritage Site in the year 2010, is famous for its sacred Taoism culture,and also for its unique Danxia Landscape, Hiking along the plank way, see the elephant trunk peak and taoism temples,take a bamboo raft cruise on the Luxi river to see Fairy Water Rock. the river is also known as “Small Li River in Guilin”. at the end of the cruise,there is "Hanging Coffin Show", which is a guess of the way that how the local minority people(more than 2,600 years ago)  suspended the coffins into the caves of the cliff.

Visit the great taoist Zhang (Dao ling)'s Residence, there is an old saying in China: “Confucius represents the North while Heavenly Master Zhang the South.” The Shangqing Heavenly Master Residence dating back to Han Dynasty, which was named as “Great True Man (a Taoist title)’s Residence”, currently covers over 30 thousand m2 and remains under good protection.
Night in Longhu Shan

Day 5:Mountain Longhu-Guifeng-Sanqing Mountain

Drive to visit Guifeng (Turtle peak)(1.5 hours), the place is known as part of the World Geological Park "Longhu mountain-- Guifeng geological park" and one of the World Natural Heritage "China Danxia", is also a national forest park. There are countless peaks resemble the tortoise pictograph and the entire scenic area looks like a huge giant turtle from far,thus the place got its name.There are 36 peaks and 72 attractions,it has features of "precipitousness, uniqueness, quietness and beauty",the place is totally a "Natural Bonsai". after,drive to Sanqing Mountain(1.5 hours).
Night in Sanqing mountain

Day 6: Sanqing Mountain

Sanqing mountain is a World Natural Heritage Site,and a sacred place for Taoists,features beautiful clouds and mist, unique rocks, and strangely-shaped pine trees, it is famous for its granite forests, gorges and unique ecological scenes.Visit West coast,Sanqing Palace and East Coast Scenic Area.Night in Sanqing mountain

Day 7: Sanqing Mountain

In the morning, visit Nanqing Yuan Scenic AreaNanqing yuan Scenic Area is one of the center views of Sanqing Mountain and is the most wonderful natural landscape in Sanqing Mountain, showing the geological evolution of the formation of granite peak forest landform about 14 billions years. Visit The Goddess Peak,Python Peak. after, take the cable way down the mountain and drive back to Nanchang. Night in Nanchang. 

Day 8: Departure

Depart from Nanchang Airport/Railway Station.

Rates: USD/person