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12 Days Jiangxi Tour
Tour Code: JXT-17
Tour Duration: 12 days
Destinations:  Nanchang/Lushan/jiujiang/jingdezhen/Wuyuan/Sanqing shan/longhu shan
Price from: $0
Hotel Informotion

Day 01 International flight to Beijing/Shanghai.

    We will arrange airport pick up and hotel.  Night at the airport Hotel in Shanghai or Beijing.

Day 02,Beijing/Shanghai-Nanchang(B/L/D)

Take the Morning flight to Nanchang,Upon your arrival, you will be picked up to your hotel. Nanchang is the largest city and the capital of Jiangxi Province in southeastern China. The city is famous for its scenic lakes, mountains, rich history and cultural sites. After lunch, you will pay a visit at Teng Wang Tower, which is located beside Ganjiang River, Which is the longgest in the province. 

Then, you will go to August 1 Square,to see an uprising memorial tower ,Which is located at the centre of the city and  known as the No.1 square in the province,Where you can know much about the Chinese Revolutionary History. Night at Jindu Crown Hotel.(4 star)

Day 03 Nanchang – Mt. Lu  (B/L/D) 

In the morning, drive for 2.5 hours to Mt. Lu, which is the mountain retreat. Mt. Lu has ranked as a World Culture Heritage by the UNESCO since 1996. 

When you reach to the mountain top, take the sightseeing bus to see Flower Path Park. It is near Violin-like Lake ,which is one of the most beautiful lakes on the top of the 1,400 metres high mountain. Following, you will go to Brocade Valley. Its 1500m trail is steep and narrow , but the valley is hugged by peaks and strange rocks.including some famous scenic spots such as Heavenly Bridge ,Dangerous peak ,Immortal Cave ,the nature scenery here is very beautiful.. 

After lunch, you will take a look at Meilu Villa,The summer house was a gift to China’s power couple: Chiang kai-shek and his wife Song Meiling. You will learn more about the story of the old couple.Then, you will visit Guling Town. Where you can see many villas of different style(from 24 countries), the Town, better know to Westerners as “Kuling” for its “Cooling” climate. Night at Fairyland Hotel (Boutique Hotel)


Day 04 Mt. Lu – Jiujiang (B/L/D) 

In the morning,  hikeing to Hanpo Valley, where from far,you can see at the Higtest peak of the mountain,Great Hanyang Peak and the Five old men peak to its southeast. 

Where you can also have a bird-eyes look of the largest Freshwater Lake Poyang lake from the top of the mountain, you will see how splendid it is. 

After lunch, you will drive down to the mountain foot to visit Bailu Dong Academy (White Deer Cave Academy), Which is known as the No.1  academy in ancient China(Song dynasty).

Then, you will go to Xiu Peak. The scenery around the Xiu Peak is quite fantastic. 

After that, Drive40 minutes to Jiujiang, which is located on the southern shores of the Yangtze River and Northern area of Jiangxi province. Night at Jinxuan Yi Jun Hotel(4 star)

Day 05 Jiujiang – Jingdezhen  (B/L/D) 

After breakfast at your hotel, you will visit the Mist and Water Pavilion, which was an important military base during the Three Kingdoms period (220-280), as legend said that it was the commanding headquarter of the famous genaral Zhouyu. Then, drive around 2 hours to Jingdezhen, which is known as the "Porcelain Capital " since the Song dynasty, with a history of 1700 years porcelain-making. 

In the afternoon, you will visit the Ancient Kiln Porcelain Work shop, which consists of the History Museum of Porcelains and an Ancient Porcelain Workshop. On display in the museum is a great number of recently-unearthed porcelain ware of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The ancient porcelain workshop displays the traditional way of porcelain making in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Following, you will take a gander at Porcelain  Street, Where you can see all kinds of porcelains from ancient time to mordern style. There you could appreciate those beautiful porcelains or pick up something you like. Night at Long Fasion Hotel(Boutique Hotel)

Day 06 Jingdezhen – Wuyuan  (B/L/D) 

After breakfast, Drive 1.5 hours to Wuyuan, which is known as the "most beautiful countryside in China," is home to at least 50 old villages. Upon your arrival, Visit Dazhang Mountain and Wolong Gorge, Dazhang Mountain, is the northern protective screen of Wuyuan, it is a unique mountain and gorge scenic spot with total original natural views. Wolong Gorge is 3 kilometers long and 730 meters high.There are amount of waterfalls in the gorge, the water splashed down from the mountain cliff, thundering and roaring, with tremendous grandeur. From a distance, the waterfall looked like a jade dragon diving from the sky, shining brightly in the sunlight. Qinghua town’s 800 year old Caihong (Rainbow)Bridge is one of the best preserved and most beautiful roofed bridges in south China. 140m long and 7 m wide, this Song dynasty architectural masterpiece has 5 corridors and 6 pavilions. Established in 1199AD in the southern Song amidst a landscape of mountains and streams, Sixi Village,embodies the tenets of good feng shui with water features in front and hills behind. Stay at Brook Guesthouse in Likeng Village.

Day 07 Wuyuan

In the morning,visit Likeng village, where you will see the local villagers’ life, with houses standing by two sides,a stream with little stone bridge over the water flows in front of their house.”Visit Yu Ancestral Mansion in Wangkou village, The Mansion is a good example of the symmetrical style of presentation ,which was so popular during the Qing Dynasty. A forbiddingly unnatural style for some, it does admittedly create a magnificent and solemn atmosphere. The unique characteristics and fine craftsmanship of this hall have won it a reputation as a treasure-trove. Visit Xiaoqi village. A must-see is the Zhendetang, a two-story wooden building. Standing on the second floor of the back area, you could see fresh green wooded mountains and a river flowing by a scene utterly dreamlike. Stay at Brook Guesthouse in Likeng Village.

Day 08-09 Wuyuan – Mt. Sanqing  (B/L/D) 

In the morning, drive 1.5 hours to Mt. Sanqing, which is listsd as a World Nature Heritage by The UNSCO. It is one of the sacred places of Taoism as well as one of the major national parks in China. Mt. Sanqing is charming for oddly-shaped pines and rocks, Taoist temples, archways, palaces and terraces. you take a cable car to the mountain.hike around the mountain for the rest of the day.

the next day, get up early for the sun rise on the top of the Mountain,then go around the mountain to find the most beautiful parts in your eyes,visit Nanqing Yuan Garden(the Goddess peak, Huge Boa Peak, Yuhuang Ding Peak,)The East coast Scenic area and West coast Scenic area, Yujing Feng peak(the highest peak of the mountain),the Sanqing Palace(The ancient taoist temple on the top of the mountain)

Night at Tianmen Village Hotel on Sanqing mountain.(3 star)

Day 10 Mt. Sanqing– Longhu Shan (B/L/D) 

In the morning, drive 3.5 hours to Yingtan, which is located in northeast of Jiangxi province with long history and great landscape. visit Shangqing Ancient Town ,which has 1,000-years history,then visit Tianshi Mansion (the residence of The founder of Taoism)and Shangqing Palances. Night at Jia Le Ju Hotel (3 star)

Day 11 Mt. Dragon and Tiger-Nanchang(B/L/D) 

After breakfast, you will drive to visit Longhu Shan( Dragon and Tiger Mt.) which is a sacred place for Taoism in south China, and one of the scenic spots under the state protection.where you can take a wooden bamboo boat cruise on the Luxi river to see Xian shui Rock(Fairy water rock). which is known as the“Small Li River in Guilin”. The special activity there is to appreciate  “Coffins Suspension Show”, which has more than 2,600 years history. Actually, it is still a puzzle how the ancients suspended the coffins into the cave of the cliff. you may find out the answer by your selves. Then drive 2.5 hours back to Nanchang. Night at Jindu Crown Hotel.(4 star) 

Day 12 Nanchang– Beijing/Shanghai (Plane)

Depart for Bejing/Shanghai to catch the international flights.

Wish you a joyful journey!

Rates: USD/person