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Southeast China Endangered and Endemics Birding Tour
Tour Description:
On this tour we will explore to Wuyuan and Taining, both of the area are known as the top birding destinations in southeast China. In Wuyuan,we Scheduled to see the critically endangered  Blue-crowned laughingthrush, Pied Falconet and Short-tailed Parrotbill. In Taining, We mainly targeting to see some Southeast China Endemics,includes Cabot’s Tragopan ,Elliot’s Pheasant ,White-necklaced Partridge and some other common but difficult birds like Koklass Pheasant,Silver Pheasant,Chinese Bamboo Partridge.
Tour Code: BWT-011
Tour Duration: 6 days
Destinations:  Nanchang,Wuyuan,Taining,Fuzhou,Nanchang
Price from: $0
Hotel Informotion
Seasons: Early May-Early July
Group Size: 8 Maximum
Scheduled Departure Date: Available at any time from early May to Early July
Tour Leader: Steven An/Other Birding Guide from Chinadreamstour

Tour Highlights:

Blue-crowned laughingthrush( Critically Endangered,Garrulax courtoisi is endemic to China)
Pied Falconet(Global near threatened)
Short-tailed Parrotbill(Global vulnerable) 
Cabot’s Tragopan (Global near threatened,Endemic to Southeast China)
Elliot’s Pheasant (Global vulnerable,Endemic to Southeast China)
White-necklaced Partridge (Global vulnerable,Endemic to Southeast China)
Koklass Pheasant
Silver Pheasant
Chinese Bamboo Partridge


Day 1  Arrive in Nanchang(Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Other Cities)

Take Plane /Train reach to Nanchang, Night in Nanchang,then drive 3.5 hours to Wuyuan in the next morning.
(If you take the early flights/trains arrive in Nanchang, We will arrange a van or mini bus directly to Wuyuan(3.5 hours driving), and will spend the night in Wuyuan; You can also reach to Wuyuan by flying to the nearest Jingdezhen /Huangshan Airport/Railway Station, both of the places are in the 1 hour driving distance to Wuyuan.)

Day 2 Wuyuan Birdwatching

Wuyuan is always regarded as the most beautiful countryside in China, also known as one of the top birding destinations in eastern China among birders, the forest coverage reaches to 80% of the whole region,there are 50 more ancient villages around the area. Today we will explore to a few Villages and nearby forest and wooden land to see Blue-crowned Laughingthrush,Eurasian Jay , Great Spotted,Grey-capped Pygmy,Grey-headed Woodpecker, Pied,Common Kingfisher,Woodpecker,Red-billed Starlings,Grey Treepie, Ashy,black Drongo,Vinous-throated,short-tailed Parrotbill. Night in Wuyuan(Nice Hotel)

The Blue-crowned Laughingthrush, is also known as yellow-throated Laughingthrush before,Garrulax galbanus (Sibley and Monroe 1990, 1993) has been split into G. galbanus and G. courtoisi following Collar (2006), Garrulax courtoisi is endemic to China,the total wild population of individuals was estimated 200 more in recent year by the famous ornithologist He Fenqi, who has been researching this species for more than 10 years in Wuyuan and southwest China,the species is now listed Critically Endangered. Night in Wuyuan.

Day 3 Wuyuan Birding

Expore to the northeast area of Wuyuan for Pied Falconet, Which is regularly seen on a roof of a local villager’s house, playing, feeding, and resting.after, we will drive around to see some other birds on migration and some residence,Warblers, flycatchers,Laughingthrushes,bulbuls, White crowned forktail,Little forktail, Swinhoe’s, Grey-chinned Minivet,Black-winged Cuckooshrike .Night in Wuyuan(Nice Hotel)

Day 4 Wuyuan-Taining(driving -5 hours )
drive from Wuyuan to Taining, Arrived there for lunch, then drive to Emei feng, spend the rest of the day there, looking for Cabot’s Tragopan, Elliot’s Pheasant, White-necklaced Partridge, Koklass Pheasant, Bamboo Partridge,Silver Pheasant.Night at Taining/Emei feng (the village hotel on the bottom of the mountain and on the top of the mountain are available) 

Day 5-7 Emei Feng and Around

Early morning get up, looking for the pheasants, spend the whole morning at Emeifeng, then we will drive/walk around the nearby villages and wooden land ,many other forest birds we might also see are Rufous-faced Warbler,Yellow-cheeked Tit,Mountain bulbul,Scarlet Minivet,Fork-tailed Sunbird, Orange-bellied leafbird,Barred Cuckoo Dove, Grey-sided scimitar babbler, Bay woodpeckerAsian-barred Owlet,Black-winged Kite,Mountain Hawk Eagle,etc. Night in Emei feng/Taining

Day 8 Emei feng-Taining/Nanchang/Departure

Drive back to Nanchang(4hours) to depart from Nanchang railway station/Airport.


The tour can be extended to 10 days which will cover Fuzhou National Forest Park (for more subtropical forest birds)and Minjiang Estuary(for Chinese Crested Tern and other shore birds) 

Please email us to have your tour tailor-made.

Rates: USD/person
Included in the tour price:

Airport/Railway Station pick-up & drop-off service.
Escorted English-speaking birding guide.
Air-conditioned van or mini bus.
Hotel (Nice hotel in Wuyuan, Basic simple Hotel at Emeifeng)
All the entrance fees to the relevant places as listed in the itinerary.
Chinese Breakfast/ lunch and Dinner(Picnic lunch will be provided where necessary)
Daily Mineral Bottled water

Excluded Items

Air tickets/train tickets coming to and departure from Nanchang/Wuyuan
Gratuities to the guide and the driver.