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4 Days Jinggang Mountain Tour
China Revolutionary Tour, Visiting the old revolutionary sites, Museums ,to know the history of chinese revolution in the old time. Tour Code: EJT-014
Tour Duration: 4 days
Destinations:  Beijing/Shanghai-Jinggangshan
Price from: $0
Hotel Informotion
Day 1 Arrival 

Arrive in Jinggangshan airport in the morning, be met and transferred to Mt. Jinggangshan( about 2 hours driving ). Rest at hotel in Ciping: Ciping is the downtown area of Jinggang mountain. Situated in the depths of the mountains, Ciping is reflected in the lakes and surrounded by green growths. Summer is not hot while winter is not cold. Rains are plentiful and air is fresh. Azalea blossoms enthusiastically in warm spring while sundry glasses and flowers vie to show their beauties in high summer. In autumn laurel trees display their fragrances while in winter plum is in full blossom. The wood is exuberant and the scene is charming. Historic sites recording the glorious revolution period include former residences of party leaders, museums and cemetery of martyrs; and scenery sites include Nanshan Park and Yicui Lake; Here you can view nice scenery and buy featured goods and souvenirs. Here is a live history accompanies by cliffs and lakes. Every step leads you to unlimited landscape. The place brings you an easy mind and a detached heart.

Day 2 Visit Jinggang Mountain

Today's Activities: Start from "the old site of the safeguarding battle of Huangyangjie", the old Residential sites of Zhu and Mao in Dajing, the Bamboo Park, the Mint of the Red Army, the Hospital of the Red Army in Xiaojing, Five-Dragon Waterfall in Longtan Pools.
Scenic spots:

Huangyangjie was the most famous among the five passes in Jinggang Mountain. Constructed in the summer of 1928,  Huangyangjie consists of 3 fortifications and 1 watchtower. On Aug 30, 1928, the famous battle for Safeguarding broke out here, when the Red Army beat off  4 regiments of the enemy with the force of less than a battalion and protected the Mountains. Mao Zedong wrote the "Xi Jiang Yue ? Jinggang Mountains" to celebrate the victory: "Flags of enemies are waving at the foot of the mountain, our war drums are pounding on the mountain top. Besieged by thousands of enemies, we remain calm and unmoved. We’ve been strongly fortified, and our unity of will is an impregnable stronghold. Guns are soaring at Huangyangjie, the enemies are busy escaping overnight".In Huangyangjie, cliffs and abysses can be seen in the north where pines, bamboos and azaleas are all around; it is also gained the nickname of "ocean border" contributing to the seasonal change of climate that forms the smoky clouds and mist, which was praised in Chairman Mao's poem:
" Beyond Huangyanggai, no place of danger arrests the eye."

Five-Dragon Pools:
Waterfall groups in 5-Dragon Pools consists 5 beautiful waterfalls.It is said that Five Dragon pools are the resideneces for the five wives of the Dragon King,the most beautiful waterfall is named Fairy waterfall.

Day 3 Visit Jinggang mountain

In the Morning, Visit Bijia Peak, Which is the most beautiful part of Jinggangshan , See the Cloudy sea, primitive forests and strange rocks.  Then Visit old sites of Mao Zedong in Ciping, The Revolution Museum of Jianggangshan, the Martyr’s Cemetery in Northern Mountain, the Sculpture Park , have a sightseeing of Five-finger Peak.

Day 4 Departure

Drive to the airport and departure.
Rates: USD/person