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Jiangxi Heritage Tour to (Yujiang )Social Welfare Institiute(5 Days)
YuJiang County Social Welfare Institute/Yujiang County Orphanage:
Address: The orphanage is in Yujiang County , under the jurisdiction of Yingtan City, about 2.5 hours drive from Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Province.
Yujiang County information:Yujiang is located in the northeast area of Jiangxi. it covers an area of 936 Square kilometres,and has a population of 355 thousand, there are 11 towns under the jurisdiction of the county  . 
Yujiang Orphanage Information:The orphanage was built in 1961.The first international adoptions were in 1993.Children and the elderly live together in the orphanage . There are not many children in the orphanage now.some adoption agencies work directly with this orphanage , some has sponsored the children and the orphanage.
Documents needed to Visit the Orphanage:
A copy of each visitor's passports
A copy of the adoption certificate
A Fee needed to apply to visit the orphanage:
2000 CNY Yuan/ Child,Which is mainly used as the reception fee for the local specific Ophanage.
Tour Code: CHT-002
Tour Duration: 5 days
Destinations:  Nanchang-Yu jiang-Longhushan-Jingdezhen
Price from: $0
Hotel Informotion

Day 1 Arrival in Nanchang

Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi, is a gateway to visit many places in Jiangxi, take a plane or high-speed train to reach to Nanchang, our guide and driver will pick you up and transfer you to hotel in Nanchang. (Grand Gloria Hotel near the Gan river.)

Day 2 Drive to Yujiang County and Visit Yujiang County SWI.

It takes 2.5 hours drive to reach to Yujiang County from Nanchang, Visit the Orphanage in the afternoon, see the people related to your child's adoption.Haveing  lunch or dinner with the orphanage director and staffs. visit the place where your child was found and your child's former foster family (if the child had stayed in a foster family). Explore the local  area and get to know more about the local people and life. Night in Yujiang county.

Day 3:Drive to visit the nearby Scenic Mt. Longhu Shan(Dragon and Tiger Mountain)

The mountain was listed as a World Nature Heritage Site in the year 2010, is famous for its sacred Taoism culture,and also for its unique Danxia Landscape, Hiking along the plank way, see the elephant trunk peak and taoism temples,take a bamboo raft cruise on the Luxi river to see Fairy Water Rock. the river is also known as “Small Li River in Guilin”. at the end of the cruise,there is "Hanging Coffin Show", which is a guess of the way that how the local minority people(more than 2,600 years ago)  suspended the coffins into the caves of the cliff.

Visit the great taoist Zhang (Dao ling)'s Residence, there is an old saying in China: “Confucius represents the North while Heavenly Master Zhang the South.” The Shangqing Heavenly Master Residence dating back to Han Dynasty, which was named as “Great True Man (a Taoist title)’s Residence”, currently covers over 30 thousand square metres and remains under good protection.

Day 4, Drive to Visit the nearby famous historical City Jingdezhen

Walk into the largest ceramic world in Jingdezhen, Youwill see both the traditional porcelain making ways and the modern ways, also,you can make porcelain on your own under the guidance of the professionalceramic artist, you will also see the creations full of imagination fromstudents of Jingdezhen Ceramic University , Ceramic Market in Jingdezhen is thebiggest one in the world, you can find whatever you like here.

Day 5 Departure from Jingdezhen

There is a small airport,where you can take plane to Beijing and Shanghai efficiently here.

Note: The tour can be customized according to your request, you can shorten your stay or extend it if you want to stay longer or visit some other parts of China, we can help to arrange the whole trip, please email us  at ''to get the quotation for the tour.

Rates: USD/person