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Jiangxi Heritage Tour to (Shangrao )Social Welfare Institiute(6 Days)
Shangrao City Social Welfare Institute/Shangrao City Orphanage:
Address: San Qing Road,No.228 , Shang Rao City, JiangXi Province, about 4 hours drive from Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Province.
Shangrao City information:Shangrao is located in northeast of Jiangxi province
, to the north, neighbouring Anhui province, to the east,neighbouring Zhejiang province, is ranked as an Excellent Tourism City in China, Wuyuan County which has many ancient 
villages and the renowned World Heritage Sanqing mountain are all under jurisdiction of Shangrao,the city has a population of 7.4 million and covers an area of 22.8 thousand Square kilometres.
Shangrao Orphanage Information: There are 2 Orphanages in Shangrao City, respectively are Shangrao City Children's Welfare Center and Shangrao City Xinzhou District SWI,The orphanage was opened in December 2003 and had its first adoption in 2004,61 children were adopted internationally ,there were about 200 children at the orphanage back then, there are not many children now and most of the children here are mostly need special care and medical treatment.
Documents needed to Visit the Orphanage:
A copy of each visitor's passports
A copy of the adoption certificate
A Fee needed to apply to visit the orphanage:
2000 CNY Yuan/ Child,Which is mainly used as the reception fee for the local specific Ophanage.
Tour Code: CHT-001
Tour Duration: 5 days
Destinations:  Nanchang-Shangrao
Price from: $0
Hotel Informotion

Day 1 Arrival in Nanchang

Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi, is a gateway to visit many places in Jiangxi, take a plane or high-speed train to reach to Nanchang, our guide and driver will pick you up and transfer you to hotel in Nanchang. (Grand Gloria Hotel near the Gan river.)

Day 2 Drive to Shangrao County and Visit Shangrao City SWI.

It takes 4 hours drive to reach to Shangrai City from Nanchang, Visit the Orphanage in the afternoon, see the people related to your child's adoption.Haveing  lunch or dinner with the orphanage director and staffs. visit the place where your child was found and your child's former foster family (if the child had stayed in a foster family). Explore the local  area and get to know more about the local people and life. Night in Shangrao city.

Day 3:Drive to visit the nearby Scenic Mt. Sanqing mountain
Mt. Sanqing,  is listed as a World Nature Heritage by The UNSCO. It is one of the sacred places of Taoism as well as one of the major National Parks in China. Mt. Sanqing is charming for oddly-shaped pines, rocks and forest. You will take a cable car to the top of the Mountain, Then hiking to the Nanqingyuan Scenic Area, where you will see Goddess peak, Python Rock peak and some other attractions, then go higher to West and eat Shore Scenic area which you will see Amazing mountain sceneries there,after, take the cable car down to the foot of the mountain to check in hotel there.

Day 4: Drive to visit the nearby Scenic Wuyuan Villages:
In the morning, Drive to visit Jiangling Village , one of the most beautiful places in Wuyuan,which is known for its Rapeseed flower terrace, standing on the mountain top,have a birdeyes’ view of the flower sea, then Drive to visit Yu Ancestral Mansion in Wangkou village, The Mansion is a good example of the symmetrical style of presentation ,which was so popular during the Qing Dynasty. A forbiddingly unnatural style for some, it does admittedly create a magnificent and solemn atmosphere. The unique characteristics and fine craftsmanship of this hall have won it a reputation as a treasure-trove,then visit Likeng Village,Likeng Ancient Village in Wuyuan was originally built by the Li Family Clan, and is 12 kilometers from Wuyuan County. Likeng is famous for its original architecture, which has become synonymous with Anhui Province architecture. The village used to be a prosperous and well-renowned merchant village .Set against the picturesque background of a little river and a mountain range, the village is home to the most stunning Qing and Ming Dynasty architectures, white washed home and classic grey tiles; the river flowing by the town is connected by several ancient wooden and stone bridges.

Day 5 Departure from nearby Jingdezhen or Huangshan(Yellow Mountain) Airport

There are 2 small airports,where you can take plane to Beijing and Shanghai efficiently.

Note: The tour can be customized according to your request, you can shorten your stay or extend it if you want to stay longer or visit some other parts of China, we can help to arrange the whole trip, please email us  at ''to get the quotation for the tour.

Rates: USD/person