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5 Days China Revolution Discovering Tour

Jinggang Mountain is a star attraction of Chinese Revolution, Where Chairman Mao built up the first revolutionary base, Now known as the cradle of chinese revolution.
Nanchang is the capital city of jiangxi province, aslo called a hero city where the upring had begun.

Lushan is a very famous summer resort from history, also a world culture heritage.In revolutionary time, the CPC held three important conferece there on the mountain, Still tourists could see many revolutionary relics today

Tour Code: CTT-002
Tour Duration: 5 days
Destinations:  Shanghai-Nanchang-Jinggangshan-Lushan-Nanchang
Price from: $
Hotel Informotion

China Revolution Discovering Tour



     Meals provided indicated as breakfast (B), lunch (L), and dinner (D)




Location & Meals


Day 1:


Jinggangshan hotel



- Arrival in Nanchang ,Take a bus transfer from  

airport to Jinggang Mountain (5 hours). 

-    Check-in hotel in Jinggangshan

Day 2


Jinggangshan hotel



-    Visit Huangyangjie, one of the most famous Whistle Mouth Fortification in Jinggang mountain in revolution time

-    Baizhuyuan(hundred Bamboo garden)

-    Red Army Mint(Money Making factory of The Red-Army)

-    Small Well Red Army Hospital

-    Five Dragon Pool Waterfall.

-    The former residence of Chairman Mao in Ciping .

Day 3


Jiangxi Hotel hotel



-    Visit Shuikou Rainbow Waterfall.

-    Beishan Martyrs cemetery 

-    Wuzhi feng(Five finger peak), the main peak of Jinggang mountain

-    Museum of Jinggangshan Revolutionary History

-    Drive to Nanchang.

Day 4

Nanchang-Lushan Mountain

West lake Hotel

(4-star on the  mountain )


- Visit the Memorial Hall of Nanchang Uprising.

-    Drive to lushan mountain(2 hours)

-    Visit Jingxiu Valley, Ruqin Lake, Flower-Path Park,Immortal’s Cave

-    Visit Meilu Villa, The former residence of Chiang Kai-shek of his wife Madam Song Meiling

-    Check in in Kuling Town on the top of the mountain

Day 5



- Visit Hanpokou (Hanpo Valley)

-    Look far into the famous Five old men peaks, the great Hanyang peak and Poyang lake

-    Visit the Relic Building of Lushan Conference

-    Drive to Nanjing Airport

-    Departure Nanchang


Note: All information in this itinerary is accurate to the best of our knowledge but please note that changes to our trips can and do occur.  This may be due to our effort to improve our program or logistical reasons such as changes in train/flight schedules, traffic conditions, weather conditions, or government policies.  Chinadreamstour will make every effort to keep you informed of any changes but cannot be held liable for any alterations made to the fixed itinerary.

Rates: USD/person