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13 Days China Bird-Watching Tour
This is the very classical China birding tour, Starting from Beidaihe in northern China, travel through eastern Wuyi mountain, southern Poyang lake and ends in south-western Caohai lake .You will see most of the winter migratory bird species in China.

Target Birds:

Vega gull, mongolian gull , heuglin′s gull, blacktailed gull , oriental white stork,saunders's gull, relict gull, nordmann's greenshank,  red-crownedcrane, hooded cranes, whitecranes, golden eagles, white tailed sea eagles, whooper swans, White-crownedfork tail , grey bush chat, chestnut-ventednuthatch, coal tit ,yellow-bellied tit , great tit, yellow-cheekedtit, yellow-browed tit,black-throated tit, Cabot’s Tragopan,  ElliotPheasant,  Koklass, Silver Pheasant, Common Pheasant,  GreenShrike Babbler, Vinous-throated Parrotbill, Yellow-browed Tit, Fork-tailedSunbird and Brown Bullfinch,Siberian Crane and OrientalStork,Tundra and Whooper Swans,Black-faced and Eurasian Spoonbills,Hooded and White-naped Cranes, Swan,Tundra, Taiga, Greater and LesserWhite-fronted Geese, the rare Baer’s Pochard,Asian Yellow Rail, Pied Avocet,Spotted Redshank, Japanese Quail,Vinous-throated Parrotbill, Ochre-rumped andPallas’s Buntings,Red-billed Starling and Sooty-headed Bulbul, Eastern Imperial Eagle,Brown Crake, Plain Prinia,Black-collared Starling, Crested Myna andScaly-breasted Munia,Scaly-sided Mergansers,Mandarin Duck, Long-billed Plover,Grey-throated Sand Martin, East Siberian Wagtail,Pied Falconet,Grey-chinned Minivet,Mountain, Black and Chestnut Bulbuls,Collared Finchbill, Hwamei, Grey-sidedScimitar Babbler, Black-throated Tit,Japanese White-eye, Fork-tailed Sunbirdand Tristram’s Bunting, Black-neckcrane, common cranes, red-crowned crane, hooded cranes, white storks, blackstorks, bar-headed geese, wild geese.

Tour Code: CCT-008
Tour Duration: 13 days
Destinations:  Beijing-Beidaihe-Yancheng-Wuyishan-Wuyuan-Poyanghu-Wucheng-Caohai
Price from: $
Hotel Informotion

13-Day China Birding Tour


                    Journey starts in Beijing and ends in Guizhou

                                 Meals provided indicated as breakfast (B), lunch (L), and dinner (D)




Location& Meals


Day 1:

Beijing-Beidai He

Beidaihe L,D

- Arrival in Beijing, Drive to Baidai He. 

-    Bird watching in Beidai he 

-    Check-in

Day 2

Beidai He-Beijing

Beijing  B,L,D

-    Day long bird watching in Beidaihe

-    Drive back to Beijing in late afternoon

Day 3

Beijing- Yancheng

Yancheng  B,L,D                           

-    Morning flight to Yancheng from Beijing .

-    Bird watching in Yancheng Nature                                   Reserve

Day 4

Yancheng Nature Reserve

Yancheng B,L,D

- Day long bird watching in Yancheng
  Nature  R eserve

Day 5

Yancheng- Wuyi Shan

Wuyishan B,L,D

- In the morning, Drive to Shanghai

- In the afternoon, Fly to Wuyi Mountain.

Day 6

Wuyishan Nature Reserve

Wuyishan B,L,D 

- Day long bird watching in WuyiShan
Nature  Reserve.

Day 7

Wuyishan – Wuyuan

Wuyuan B,L,D

- Drive to Wuyuan

-    Bird watching  in  Wuyuan Mandarian Duck

Day 8

Wuyuan – Poyang Lake

Raozhou hotel B,L,D   

-    Bird watching at Poyang Lake National Wetland Park

Day 9

Poyang Lake – Wucheng

Wucheng Guesthouse


- Bird watching at Wucheng  Nature Reserve

Day 10

Wucheng Nature Reserve

Wucheng Guesthouse


-  Bird watching at Wucheng Nature Reserve

Day 11

Wucheng – Caohai

Liupanshui B,L,D


-  Drive to the airport and fly to Guiyang 

-  Drive to Caohai Nature Reserve(Guizhou)

-  Bird watching at Caohai Nature Reserve

Day 12

Caohai Nature Reserve

Liupanshui B,L,D

-    Day long bird watching at Caohai Nature Reserve  

Day 13

Caohai – Guiyang B

-    Depart Guiyang

: All information in this itinerary is accurate to the best of our knowledge but please note that changes to our trips can and do occur.  This may be due to our effort to improve our program or logistical reasons such as changes in train/flight schedules, traffic conditions, weather conditions, or government policies.  Chinadreamstour will make every effort to keep you informed of any changes but cannot be held liable for any alterations made to the fixed itinerary.

Rates: USD/person

Includings: Meals, Hotels, Entrance TickectsGuide service TransportationsRound trip flightsBusesBoats

Excludings: International Flights

Tips to the driver and tour guide