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5 Days Culture Tour
Nanchang-Jiujiang-Lushan-Poyang Lake-Jingdezhen Tour Code: JXT-07
Tour Duration: 5 days
Destinations:  Nanchang-Jiujiang-Lushan-Poyang Lake-Jingdezhen
Price from: $0
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Day 01  Nanchang  (-/L/D) 
Arrive in the hero-city--Nanchang which is the capital of Jiangxi, visit one of the 3 most famous pavilions in South China, Tengwang Pavilion, which was first built in Tang Dynasty, the headquarter of the Nanchang Eight-one Uprising, by which the Communist Party launched the first fire against the Kuomintang; appreciate the mother river of Jiangxi, Gan River.

Day 02  Jiujiang   (B/L/D) 
Arrive in the unique port of Jiangxi, the famous historical and cultural city of China,Jiujiang, visit the Xunyang Tower, the ancient fengshui pagoda—Suojing Pagoda, the Pipa Pavilion and the longest double-use bridge on the Yangtze—the Jiujiang Yangtze Bridge, appreciate the wonderful views of the Yangtze.

Day 03   Mt. Lu    (B/L/D) 
Arrive at the world heritage, the world geo-park, the 5-A landscape area of China—Mt. Lu by bus, visit one of the 4 most famous ancient academies of   China—the White Deer Academy, the Green Dragon Waterfall and enjoy the  hot spring or the drift of Mt. Lu.

Day 04  Poyang Lake  (B/L/D) 
Arrive at the largest fresh-water lake of China, Poyang Lake, by bus, enjoy the migratory bird-watching in grass in the Poyang Lake Wetland Park.

Day 05   Jingdezhen  (B/L/D) 
Arrive in the capital of porcelain of China, Jingdezhen, by bus, visit the Ancient Kiln Factory having a view of Chinese traditional culture of porcelain-making; drive to the biggest porcelain market of China in Jingdezhen and enjoy free time on shopping porcelain.

Rates: USD/person