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Exploring Jiangxi

China Dreams tour provide you  many kinds of Jiangxi tours depend on your tour type and time length , For Exploring Jiangxi tours, We mainly focus on tours of Mountain Hiking,Trekking , Self Driving, and wild life experience,etc.

2 Days Classic Jingdezhen Weekend Tour (EJT-001)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-001
Destinations:  Shanghai-Jingdezhen-Shanghai
Atrractions: Porcelain culture discovery
Porcelain DIY
Tour Code: EJT-002
Destinations:  Shanghai-Lushan-Jiujiang
Atrractions:  Huajing (The Flower Path Park) , Jingxiugu(Brocade valley), Mei Lu villa,Guling, Hanpokou( Han Po Valley)
Tour Code: EJT-003
Destinations:  Beijing-lushan-Poyang lake-Jingdezhen-Wuyuan
Atrractions: Famous mountains, beautiful lake, Elegant porcelain, Nice villages
17 Days In-Depth Tour (EJT-004)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-004
Destinations:  Nanchang-longhushan-Sanqingshan-Wuyuan-Jingdezhen-Jiujiang-Lushan-Nanchang
3 Days Wuyuan Ancient Village Tour (EJT-005)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-005
Destinations:  Nanchang-Wuyuan
Atrractions: Wuyuan tours, Ancient Village tours in Jiangxi, Ancient Village tours in China, Wuyuan ancient Village tour, Wuyuan travel, Likeng Village,Wangkou village, Dazhang shan,Qinghua town, Rainbow bridge
3 Days Sanqing mountain Hiking tour (EJT-006)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-006
Destinations:  Nanchang-Yushan-Sanqing mountain-Sanqing Palace

No.1 mountain in China, Sister Mountain of Yellow (Huang) Mountain, Granite Rock scenery, Pine trees, Sun Rise and Sunset.

6 Days Classic Jiangxi tours (EJT-007)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-007
Destinations:  Beijing/Nanchang/Jinggang mountian/Lu mountain
Atrractions:                The Jinggang mountain is not only a natural beauty spot, but also the cradle of the Chinese Revolution. The lofty and majestic Jinggang Mountains, covering 670 square km, tower in the central part of Mount Luoxiao and stretch over the border of Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. It is ranged among "China Forty Best...
7 Days Jiangxi tour (EJT-008)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-008
Destinations:  Nanchang-lushan-jingdezhen-Wuyuan-Sanqingshan-Longhushan
Atrractions: lushan mountain ,Jingdezhen, wuyuan, sanqingshan mountain , Drangon and Tiger mountain
6 Days Jiangxi tour (EJT-009)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-009
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan-Jingdezhen-Wuyuan-Sanqingshan-Nanchang
Atrractions: Lushan tours, Jingdezhen tours ,Wuyuan tours, Sanqingshan tours, Nanchang tours
5 Days Jiangxi tour (EJT-010)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-010
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan mountain-Jingdezhen-Wuyuan-Nanchang
Atrractions: Nanchang, Lushan mountain, Jingdezhen,Wuyuan,Nanchang
4 Days Jiangxi tour (EJT-011)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-011
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan mountain-Jingdezhen
1 Day Tour to Lu Mountain (EJT-012)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-012
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan mountain-Nanchang
8 Days Jiangxi Sightseeing Tour (EJT-013)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-013
Destinations:  Nanchang, Lushan , Jiujiang, Jingdezhen, Wuyuan, Sanqingshan, Longhushan, Nanchang

Tour highlights:

· Lushan Mountain-world cultrue landscape

4 Days Jinggang Mountain Tour (EJT-014)   from $0 
Tour Code: EJT-014
Destinations:  Beijing/Shanghai-Jinggangshan

Jinggangshan , also known as Ciping, is located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province, near the border

 with Hunan. This remote region is famous in China&nbs...