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With the devenlopment of China inbound tours,More and more new tourist destinations are devenloped in China ,We are  based in Jiangxi, We've launched some new Jiangxi  tours, All those new tours are specially selected and strong recommended by our tour consultants.

9 Days Essence Tour (JXT-10)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-10
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan-Jiujiang-Jingdezhen-Wuyuan-Sanqingshan-Longhushan
Atrractions: Nature Scenery enjoy Tour
7 Days Leisure Tour (JXT-01)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-01
Destinations:  Nanchang-Jiujiang-Lushan-Payang Lake-Nanchang
Atrractions: Nanchang-Jiujiang-Lushan-Payang Lake-Nanchang
6 Days Mountain & River Tour (JXT-03)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-03
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan-Poyang Lake-Longhushan-Sanqingshan-Nanchang
Atrractions: Nanchang-Lushan-Poyang Lake-Longhushan-Sanqingshan-Nanchang
6 Days Famous Mountain Tour (JXT-04)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-04
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan-Jingdezhen-Wuyuan-Sanqingshan-Nanchang
Atrractions: Nanchang-Lushan-Jingdezhen-Wuyuan-Sanqingshan-Nanchang
6 Days Culture & Leisure Tour (JXT-05)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-05
Destinations:  Jiujiang-Lushan-Poyang Lake-Jingdezhen
Atrractions: Jiujiang-Lushan-Poyang Lake-Jingdezhen
Tour Code: JXT-06
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan-Jinggangshan
Atrractions: Nanchang-Lushan-Jinggangshan
5 Days Culture Tour (JXT-07)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-07
Destinations:  Nanchang-Jiujiang-Lushan-Poyang Lake-Jingdezhen
Atrractions: Nanchang-Jiujiang-Lushan-Poyang Lake-Jingdezhen
4 Days Culture Tour (JXT-08)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-08
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan-Jingdezhen-Wuyuan
Atrractions: Nanchang-Lushan-Jingdezhen-Wuyuan
9 Days Sightseeing Tour (JXT-09)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-09
Destinations:  Nanchang-longhushan-Sanqingshan-Wuyuan-Jingdezhen-Nanchang
Atrractions: World Natrue Heritage: longhu Mountain,Sanqing Mountain, the most beautiful countryide-Wuyuan, Internatinal famous porcelain capital-Jingdezhen
3 Days Nanchang - lushan Tour (JXT-11)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-11
Destinations:  Nanchang-Lushan-Nanchang
Atrractions: Nanchang tours, Lushan tours
2 Days Nanchang Tour (JXT-12)   from 
Tour Code: JXT-12
Destinations:  Nanchang-Tengwang Pavilion-Tianxiangyuan-Xianghu lake
Atrractions: Tengwang Pavilion, Bird-watching, red Revolution Discovering, New Nanchang, Nanchang Night sight
3 Days Nanchang Tour (JXT-13)   from 
Tour Code: JXT-13
Destinations:  Nanchang and around-Meiling Mountain
Atrractions: Nanchang Travel  Package, Nanchang shopping tour , Meiling Mountain travel, Cuiyan Temple tour
5 Days Western Jiangxi Tour (JXT-14)   from 
Tour Code: JXT-14
Destinations:  Guangzhou-Zhuzhou-Pingxiang-Yichun-Ji'an-Ganzhou-Guangzhou
Atrractions: Wugong Mountain,Terrace,Tianmu Hotspring,Fairy Lake , Tongtian Rock Grottoes
Tour Code: JXT-15
Destinations:  Huangshan-Wuyuan-Jingdezhen
Atrractions: world nature heritage ,China countryside travel ,Hui culture experience, Ceramice culture discovery
Tour Code: JXT-16
Atrractions: the World Cultue Landscape, World Heritage Site, Lushan Villas, Cloudy and misty Scenery ,Poyang Lake , Five Old Men Peaks (Wu Lao Feng)
12 Days Jiangxi Tour (JXT-17)   from $0 
Tour Code: JXT-17
Destinations:  Nanchang/Lushan/jiujiang/jingdezhen/Wuyuan/Sanqing shan/longhu shan
Tour Code: 
Destinations:  Lushan National Park,Mountain Longhushan and Guifeng Danxia Landform, Mount Sanqingshan National Park .
Atrractions: Mount Lushan, in Jiangxi, is one of the spiritual centres of Chinese civilization. Buddhist and Taoist temples, along with landmarks of Confucianism, where the most eminent masters taught, blend effortlessly into a strikingly beautiful landscape which has inspired countless artists who developed the aesthetic approach to nature found in Chinese culture.

Mount Sanqingshan National Park d...
Tour Code: 
Destinations:  Nanchang,Wuyuan, Sanqing Shan
2 Days Wugong Mountain Tour ()   from $0 
Tour Code: