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China Photographic Travel
China Photographic Travel including some China Photograph tours, eco-tours, wild animal watching tours, Most of the photo tours are off the beaten way tours, We will show you the most beautiful part of China.
China Poyang Hu Photograph Tours (CPT-001)   from $0 
Tour Code: CPT-001
Destinations:  Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Xiamen- Nanchang-Poyang Hu
Atrractions: Poyang Hu Spring scenery and winter grass land sceneries. 
Sanqing Mountain Photograph Tour (CPT-002)   from $0 
Tour Code: CPT-002
Destinations:  Shanghai/Hangzhou/Nanjing/Suzhou/wuxi-Shangrao/Nanchang-Sanqingshan
Atrractions: Nanqing Yuan Park, Eastcoast scenic area, Westcoast scenic area, Granite rock sceneries, Pine trees, Sanqing Palace, Sanqing shan sunrise, Sanqing mounain sunset
Wuyuan Sanqing Shan Photo Tour (CPT-003)   from $0 
Tour Code: CPT-003
Destinations:  Shanghai Jingdezhen Wuyuan Sanqing Mountain Shangrao
Jingdezhen Wuyuan (CPT-004)   from $0 
Tour Code: CPT-004
Huangshan Photo Tour (CPT-005)   from $0 
Tour Code: CPT-005
Wuyuan Photo Tour (CPT-006)   from $0 
Tour Code: CPT-006
Destinations:  Shanghai/Beijing/Hangzhou/Nanjing-Wuyuan
Atrractions: Wuyuan is a picturesque countryside in northeast Jiangxi,in Spring time(March & April), rape seeds blossoms and peach flowers fragrancing in the gentle breeze, in fall,maple tree leaves cover the little stone roads and the small hills by the sides of the farming rice paddies, water buffaloes feeding leisurely on the grassland by the riverside, farmers cooking smok...