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Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi Province , located along the Ganjiang River in southeastern China. Nanchang is famous for its scenic lakes, mountains, rich history and cultural sites. Moreover, Nanchang is a heroic city with glorious revolutionary tradition. The People's Liberation Army was born here and "the August 1st Spirit" appeared here. In addition, Nanchang is a scenic and environment-friendly city with beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. The Gan River passes through the city from south to north and the whole city is dotted with rivers and lakes. At the outskirts of the city you can see green mountains.
Tengwang Pavilian August First Park( BaiHuaZhou) The Ferris Wheel
Bada Shanren Nanchang Uprising Memorial Hall August 1 Bridge (Bayi Daqiao)
August First Square( Bayi square) The Autumn Water Square Mei Ling

August 1 Bridge (Bayi Daqiao)

       On August 1, 1927, under the leadership of CPC, the Nanchang uprising had win the victory against the Kuomintang reactionaries , this proclaimed the Chinese communist party's independent leadership of the armed struggle and the  beginning of the building of the people's army . In 1949, according to Mao Zedong's suggestion, the central military commission decided "August 1" as a mark of Chinese people's liberation army. And also, named "August 1" the Army Day of Chinese people's liberation army. In order to commemorate thisthe government of Nanchang city changed the famous "Zhongzheng Bridge" as " August 1 Bridge".   The new built " August 1 Bridge" was finished on 29, September, 1997, This is the first cable-stayed bridge in Jiangxi province.
        The New August 1 Bridge (Bayi Bridge) is not only a magnificent modern traffic facility, but also a great landscape of Nanchang. The majestic exterior of the bridge is in correspondence to the high-rising buildings across the strait. On the head of the bridge are two stone cats in black and white, which has a very profound meaning. Because during the process of developing our economy,  our later leader Deng Xiaoping once said: “No matter white cat or black cat, Who can catch a mouse is a good cat”, Which means No matter what way you take, only if you get things done successfully .

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