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Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi Province , located along the Ganjiang River in southeastern China. Nanchang is famous for its scenic lakes, mountains, rich history and cultural sites. Moreover, Nanchang is a heroic city with glorious revolutionary tradition. The People's Liberation Army was born here and "the August 1st Spirit" appeared here. In addition, Nanchang is a scenic and environment-friendly city with beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. The Gan River passes through the city from south to north and the whole city is dotted with rivers and lakes. At the outskirts of the city you can see green mountains.
Tengwang Pavilian August First Park( BaiHuaZhou) The Ferris Wheel
Bada Shanren Nanchang Uprising Memorial Hall August 1 Bridge (Bayi Daqiao)
August First Square( Bayi square) The Autumn Water Square Mei Ling

August First Park( BaiHuaZhou)

            Located in east lake
the  heart of Nanchang city, near Mingde road in the northfacing zhongshan road in the south to the east is Supu road. The park covers an area of about 13 hectares, in the year 802 (the third year of the emperor Xianzong in the Tang dynasty)In order to control water floodan inspector-general named” Wei dan” growed willow trees by the sides of the causeway, Later on , People called the causeway in the park as "Thousand willow causeway" and "golden causeway". Du mu, a famous poet in the tang dynasty praised this " willow causeway is the key for the combination of the ten hectare lake water" , Since then, The lake become a famous scenic place.


There are three islands among the lake, two islands are in August First Park, one was named BaiHuaZhou(Hundred Flowers shoal) and another is where children's palace located. The name BaiHuaZhou began in song dynastyhere once was the contribution  palace (Gong Yuan) for the Qing government,It was built as a public park in 1932,the Park can be divided into lakes and land area .with a total area of 23.7 hectares, land area covers 64 hectares. The garden is prosperous with blooming flowers, trees. lakes, pavilions, Zigzag bridges, stone beast, teahouse, etc. Which attract many visitors to come for a visit.

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