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Jiujiang is located at the joint of the Yangtze River and Beijing-Kowloon Railway. It has been a strategic spot that connects east and west, north and south, and have convenient transportation with many other cities. It is a famous city with a long history of over 2,200 years. It is the only one trading port city opening to foreign countries in Jiangxi Province, also the first class national port open to the outside. It has established state level export processing zones. Jiujiang has become an opening economic pattern with mainly ecological agriculture along the Poyang Lake, with mainly industry, logistics along the Yangtze River, with mainly tourism along Moutain Lushan. Jiujiang will become the most suitable for living and career?ˉs modern city of eco-tourism and port, and will be a center of economy, culture and transportation along the Yangtze River and Beijing-Kowloon Railway.



Lushan Mountain Longwan Hotspring Resort Donglin Monastery

Donglin Monastery

            Donglin  Monastery (East Forest Monastery) is located at the northwestern foot of Lushan Mountain, 16 km (10 miles) far from Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. It was first built by Huiyuan, a famous monk in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420), who was also the founder of the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism (There are 8 sects in Buddhism in China
Pure Land Sect is the most popular one in southern China) The monastery is about 1600 more years old, With a long history and deep buddhism culture, it attracts a lot of Buddhist disciples and tourists coming to see today.

 九江,(JiuJiang), JiangXi, China 九江,(JiuJiang), JiangXi, China 九江,(JiuJiang), JiangXi, China

              Tourists have the chance to share vegetarian food with monks in the temple. Entering the dining hall, men sit in lines on the right side and women on the left. The monks stand in two lines reciting the Buddhist scriptures, kowtowing toward the Buddha and playing religious music. Tourists must not make any noice when eating. If they want more food, they can draw circles in their bowl with their chopsticks and the monks will help them. and It is not polite if you do not finish all the food in you bowl. When the dinner is finished, monks will chant scriptures again to request the Buddha bless the tourists. The entire process is sacred and solemn and provides tourists with a sense of the culture of the Buddhist religion.
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