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Booking and Paying
Information for your money protection

How to book?
Firstly, you need to send us your planned holiday date to check availability with us and then send us another e-mail or fax to confirm your booking after you get our positive reply. Secondly, you will need to make the arrangements of your tour deposit payment and then we confirm your bookings after we receive your deposit. You are welcome to let us know if you would like to change the itinerary for yourself or yourselves. We will ensure your ideas are properly fitted into the tour arrangements and our professional advices are given to you in order to provide you with a more favorable itinerary.
Balance of payment
Your payment arrangements normally consist of at least two steps.
A deposit of 40% of your total tour cost is to be transferred to our company's account three months before your arrival in China, which will be informed to you by our sales people after you confirm your booking. We will send you the confirmation by e-mail after you finish the first step. We would offer 3% off rate if your deposit of tour reached to our company's account 3 months before your arrival.
You need to transfer the rest 60% of the total cost to our company's account one month before your arrival in China, of which our sales people will inform you once we receive it.
The 2 steps above don't comply with the situation when you start contacting us less than 3 months before your arrival in China, but a late booking may result a failure of confirmation of your booking and there will not be 3% off rate.
All participants on our tours must have adequate travel insurance bought by yourselves on your side. We are buying travelers insurance for those on our tours according to Mainland China's laws. Any incidents that unfortunately happen to our clients during the tour are to be handled in Mainland China according to Mainland China's laws.
If you change your booking
If you want to for any reason change your booking after our confirmation invoice has been sent, you should inform us as soon as possible. We will try our best to make rearrangements accordingly but it may not always be possible. Also there may be certain extra fee you need to pay due to the different dates of flight or hotels booking. Certain travel arrangements may not be changeable after a reservation has been made and any alteration request could cause a cancellation charge of up to 100% of those arrangements.

If you cancel your holiday
You may cancel your travel arrangements any time, but please be noted that you will have to pay appropriate cancellation charges due to the deposits we sent to hotels and flights in advance is not refundable. Please find the information as below how much is to be charged if you cancel your holiday.
Days before scheduled departure
Cancellation charge
More than 70 days
No charge
70-30 days
30% of the total tour cost
30-15 days
70% of the total tour cost
14 days or less
100% of the tour cost
Please let your local guide know as soon as possible when you think you have a problem during your trip, and we will endeavour to put things right there as we are based in China. If you fail to do so, please write to us within a month after your return and we will investigate and try to give you a satisfying reply. It will be very much appreciated if you do not tend to complain but write us suggestions and comments.
Tailor-make your tour
Design your tour with our help to meet your own interests,do exactly what you want to do without compromising! Let us help to tailor-make your own China experience. Just tell us what you need now!
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Hi Jerry.
Nice to hear from you. I am back in New Zealand....Thank you so much for guiding this tour . This was our first time travel to China and I really enjoyed it. Everything was great.  The Mountain and River and Lakes that I visited are so b...

DanielFrom New Zealand