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For many years, We do not keep our clients' testimonials, For a better business, We decide to show our future clients what we do , what we have already done and what our cilents said. So we upload a few  clients' testimonials on our website,Of course  We are not really hoping we can get a lot more clients with our testimonials part, But at least we can deliver a message to  our clients that we can do it and we are really doing good.

Testiminial from Daniel

Hi Jerry.
Nice to hear from you. I am back in New Zealand....Thank you so much for guiding this tour . This was our first time travel to China and I really enjoyed it. Everything was great.  The Mountain and River and Lakes that I visited are so beautiful that i am thinking to come to China again ,and I still need your help,You and your company really did a great job!!Thank you again for spending some time with us in China !!
                                        Take care,         Daniel

Client's information: Daniel,New Zealand
Tour Date: 
Tour Name: Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, Shanghai
Testiminial from Alek

     Thank you very very much for a warm welcome. Some years, I might come back and look for your assistance and guideance to see other more places in China. I am very happy to find a tour on your company's website and then we meet each other,It is a destiny,And I believe this so much............
     Thanks again, wish you everything is alright. 

Client's information: Alek,Peru
Tour Date: 
Tour Name: Beijing ,Nanchang ,Shanghai
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